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Bicycle Buying Guide

Bicycle Buying Guide


Single speed

The perfect way for kids to start their riding career. Requires no changing and leaves kids free to concentrate on the road and riding skills ahead.

6 speed

Providing a few more options when going up or down a hill or a gradient and are just right for a first gear changing experience.

18 speed

Provides a more comprehensive range of gears on 3 cogs that are ideal for children that use their bikes on a regular basis and go on longer journeys.

21 speed

Most appreciated by experienced riders who have progressed through lower speed bikes to a more advanced riding level, and want the full range of riding options.

Wheel size

Bikes are generally measured by the wheel size rather than frame. The size of the bike required is determined by the size of the child. Age guides are just that, but the below should help give you an idea of what bike size to purchase:

12" – 3 to 5 years

14" – 4 to 6 years

16" – 5 to 7 years

18" – 6 to 8 years

20" – 7 to 9 years

24" – 8 to 10 years


There are a few types of brake available on Fun4Kids’ bikes. All provide very practical and safe braking. Here’s a brief description:

V brakes

The most common type of bike brake on Fun4Kids, these consist of two brake arms that are drawn together via the brake cable to create friction as a stopping force on the tyre, and are activated via a side pull lever.

Calliper brakes

These consist of two curved arms that cross above the wheel. When the side-pull lever is pulled, the arms move together and the brake pads squeeze the rim to create a stopping force similar to V brakes.

Disc brakes

A more expensive option than V or calliper brakes, these consist of a metal disc attached to the wheel hub, with pads that squeeze together on the disc to slow the bike.  Disc brakes provide the most responsive braking power available.


The difference in frame shape really depends on what style your child prefers and what use they put their bike to. Here’s a brief description of the type of frames you will find on Fun4Kids:

Y frame

Shaped like a ‘Y’ and found on more contemporary bikes, this frame offers a modern, unisex style. Suitable for: general riding.

ATB frame

Found on mountain bikes or All Terrain Bicycles (ATB) these take the classic triangular form and have proven to be the most popular bike frame over the last few decades. Suitable for: general riding and riding off-road.

Low step-over frame

Specially catered for girls, with a lowered crossbar for easy mounting, available on many different bike frame types.

Z type dual suspension frame

With a ‘Z’ type formation that includes mid-rear suspension for an extremely cushioned, bump-free ride. Suitable for: off-road riding and general riding.

BMX frame

The classic BMX frame made popular in the ‘80s for tricks, often featuring crossbar and brake cable pads. Suitable for: some stunts and limited general riding.

Street/Park frame

A modern take on the classic BMX frame, especially suited to tricks and stunts and often featuring stunt pegs and gyro brakes. Suitable for: tricks and stunts and limited general riding.

Extra features to watch out for…


Front fork suspension and mid to rear suspension can be found on many of the larger Fun4Kids bikes, and offers shock absorption which is ideally suited to children who will be riding off-road or on grass to provide a more comfortable ride.

Gyro brakes

Commonly found on BMX bikes these allow the bike handlebars to turn a complete 360° rotation without the brake cables getting tangled up. These are an essential part of any BMX riding trickster’s artillery, and allow for many great stunt options.

Stunt pegs

These sturdy, weight bearing foot bars protrude from the wheel hub to let riders stand on the side of their front or rear wheel to pull-off stunts and trickery.

Playtime extras

Dolly seats, drinks bottles, streamers, number plates etc, are a few of the fun additional extras you will find included with many Fun4Kids’ bikes. So keep an eye open as they’re bound to add a whole heap of extra playtime fun to your kids’ riding experience.