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Halloween Party Games for Kids

Posted on: Monday, October 31, 2016 by Fun4Kids

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For those of you brave enough to be holding a kids Halloween party (:-D), here are some of the best party games we’ve found featured on parenting blogs around the web. There’s everything from making a giant bat and whacking it with a broomstick, to sticking your hands into brains and witches bones! If you survive all that then you’ve done very well. Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Halloween Tin Cans

Really simple and inexpensive (and a great way of recycling tins), the little’ens will love helping you make this game as they get to make scary faces with paints. Knock as many down as you can! Make sure no one paints Mum’s face on there though, or they’ll be trouble….


Halloween Touch & Feel Game

Now this one is a little bit more hard work, but it looks freaky and therefore the kids will love it! Examples: Dried Apricots = Dried-up Tongues, Peeled Grapes = Eyeballs. See what we mean? Gross! There’s loads of other examples on this blog, and the kids could also come up with some new ideas of their own.


Flying Bat Pinata

For those that don’t mind getting involved in a bit of papier-mache, this will be as much fun to make as it will to break! Fill up with sweets when you’re done, and then come up with some creative ways to get at them.


Pumpkin Patch Stomp

Another really simple game and a brilliant way for kids to use up energy by jumping about. All you need is a pack of orange balloons and a bag of sweets and you’re in business. Jump on the balloons to see what’s inside. You could also try drawing scary pumpkin faces on with a black marker for some extra fright!

Spider Races

One to bring out the competitors in the family! The first spider to hit the finish line wins. A bag of straws, some small plastic bugs, a nice flat surface, and you’re all ready for Spider Derby Day! Parents: Please refrain from gambling, it’s supposed to be fun for kids :-).


Apple Bobbing!

Come on, you didn’t think we’d forget this one did you? The classic! Although it’s kind of hard work if you’ve only got a little mouth. You could use a few slices like in the below blog if you want to speed things up a bit. Happy Halloween! 😀